• On the 11th and the 12th of December 2017 the quartet will be busy recording 'Slightly Odd' album in Wedgeview studios in the Netherlands. The official release date will be known in January 2018. Very excited!!!
  • Campaign to raise money for the recording and mastering of 'Slightly Odd' album has been successfully completed! I'm going to record Slightly Odd with my quartet in December!

  • Here's the preview of 'Slightly Odd' project. Every song has double meaning, music is full of twists and turns and Anka can't wait to meet her audience in concert!

  • In November 2016 Anka received a 'Pole of The Year' award in category culture. It is a great honour, to be recognised as someone that Polish community in the Netherlands can be proud of.

  • Here's something you don't see very often....
    Photo by Karen Scheffers

  • The new line up of Anka Koziel Quartet for the 'Slightly Odd' project is confirmed: Rembrandt Frerichs (p), Vasilis Stefanopoulos (b), Pepe Garcia (perc instr). 'Slightly Odd' is a fusion of jazz, free improvisation, odd meter grooves and vocal techniques from all over the world (Polish, Balkan, Latin American, Mongolian and more) . Line up: voice, piano, bass and percussive instruments.