• New album 'Slightly Odd' is on the way!

  • I'm starting collaboration with New Jazz Adventure in 2017!

  • In November 2016 I received a 'Pole of The Year' award in category culture. It is a great honour, to be recognised as someone that Polish community in the Netherlands can be proud of. Thank you!

  • The preview of 'Slightly Odd' is finally ready! Enjoy! Every song has double meaning, music is full of twists and turns and I can't wait to meet my audience in concert!

  • Here's something you don't see very often....
    Photo by Karen Scheffers

  • On the 16th of May AKQ is shooting a little teaser preceding 'Slightly Odd' project. We will share it with you as soon as it's ready!

  • The new line up of Anka Koziel Quartet for the 'Slightly Odd' project is confirmed: Rembrandt Frerichs (p), Vasilis Stefanopoulos (b), Pepe Garcia (perc instr). 'Slightly Odd' is a fusion of jazz, free improvisation, odd meter grooves and vocal techniques from all over the world (Polish, Balkan, Latin American, Mongolian and more) . Line up: voice, piano, bass and percussive instruments.