Due to COVID-19 pandemic all the workshops are held online, but the good side of it is that you can follow them from anywhere in the world!   

Workshops are focusing on specific subject, some more focused on technique, some more on specifics of performance, but are design for singers of all levels and all styles. Everyone can find something interesting in the whole variety of topics. There are two groups of workshops, extended, (3h long) with general overview of the subject and shorter, compact (1.5h long), more focused on details. Also, following the wishes of singers in need of learning something very specific, like vocal effects, sound colour, overtone singing etc, there is a possibility of organising a workshop for a group of minimum 4. 



'How do I create my own style? How do I make a memorable performance?' If you asked those questions and haven't found the answer, this workshop is for you. The course explores all the possibilities and choices that singers have, and often are not aware of, to make the song different, to change its character, to reinterpret, give it a new life. Through the given tools singers can make personal artistic choices, and make their performances one of a kind.


12:00-14:00 Interactive lecture 

From 15:00 Scheduled one-to-one sessions of 20 minutes 

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Expressive Singing

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This workshop is an overview of the Complete Vocal Technique (CVT). Participants will familiarise themselves with subject of breath support, basic anatomy of the voice, vocal modes (that we all use but are often unaware of), sound colour and finally - the vocal effects like growl or distortion. Most of the participants usually discover they are able to make sounds they never expected they could... 

It's a workshop for anyone who wants to know more about the voice as an instrument and explore all the possibilities that technical knowledge can give to feel more secure on stage, for anyone, who would like to expand their vocal range and get rid of unpleasant raspy feeling when singing loud/high notes. 


12:00-14:00 Interactive lecture

From 15:00 Scheduled one-to-one sessions of 20 minutes 


During this workshop you will get tips on how to boost your inspiration, and what to do when there isn't any, but you still would like to create something.

Songwriting is a skill, but with basic tools you will have a good start on mastering them. We will focus mainly on text, but depending on necessity also on rhythm and chords.  Every participant should write a short verse following the guidelines given during the workshop. No special skills necessary, just imagination.


12:00-13:30 Interactive lecture with Q&A afterwards and presenting written phrases


The workshop is design to teach singers the essential knowledge about microphones necessary for the performance and working from home (streaming or recording). Also can help singers choose microphones most suitable for their voices, pinpoints the most important things to remember on stage, helps to understand their own needs and communicate with sound engineers, and moreover, explains how to sound good through any microphone and in unexpected circumstances to make every performance consistent and at the top of the game.


12:00-13:30 Lecture with Q&A


There are many elements defining musical style, like volume, techniques of ornamentations, vocal effects etc. but rhythm/groove/swing plays the most crucial role. Every genre has its unwritten rhythmic rules and they apply to all the musicians, not only to the rhythm section.

Can we learn it? Is it true we have to be 'born with it'? How can we stylistically fit to funk or rock music? And how do we find the 'right' rhythm in classical piece?

In this workshop you will familiarise yourself with few methods to improve sense of rhythm, and learn what it means to 'swing', be 'on the beat' or 'off the beat' or laid-back, how to sing bossanova, samba or medium swing.  


12:00-13:30 Interactive lecture with Q&A